Let me introduce myself . . .

I was a member of the Church of Scientology for a long time. Not anymore.

I think that Scientology as an applied religious philosophy is amazing, I think that L. Ron Hubbard was a genius and the most capable spiritual research who ever lived, and I think that the vast majority of Scientology staff members are incredibly dedicated and hard-working and truly doing their best (as they see it) to make this planet a better place.

But the Church of Scientology, under the leadership of David Miscavage, has gone completely off the rails. Out ethics, off policy, out tech. I have witnessed this firsthand.

I was pleasantly surprised to quickly find out (after I made my decision to leave the church) that  the entire Bridge is available outside the church. I am of the opinion that it is IMPOSSIBLE to go OT when you are being very careful about what you confront, what you look at and observe, who you are willing to talk to and even what are willing to think. When you can become ethics bait for having an authorized thought or opinion – look out. Something is seriously wrong!

I now look forward to my journey to true OT, with the help of like-minded Independent Scientologists, outside of the church. Let the adventure begin!

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